Off Grid Solar Systems

What Are Off Grid Solar Systems?

Off grid solar systems provide clean, renewable energy to residential, commercial and industrial sites around the world. Often considered too expensive or complicated for mainstream use, HelioPower’s team of qualified engineers, simplify the design and implementation of battery based systems where grid power is either too difficult to reach or simply unavailable. If you are worried about rolling blackouts, natural disasters, or utility interruptions shutting down or damaging sensitive medical equipment or live in an area where utility provided electricity is prohibitively expensive, then you are an off grid solar systems candidate.

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Blackouts, Natural Disasters, Utility Interruptions - Oh My!

Typical off grid solar systems consist of solar panels, a DC-to-AC inverter, charge controller and a battery bank sized to accommodate the required amount of energy storage. The solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are sized to provide enough electricity to power the daytime loads while fully charging the batteries each day.

At night, the batteries supply energy to the inverter which in turn powers the connected load or equipment. To protect against prolonged periods of cloudy weather, HelioPower can include a back up, natural gas or propane-fired generator for the ultimate in reliability and functionality.

off grid solar systems by HelioPower

HelioPower has installed off grid solar systems on islands in Mexico, the deserts of Southern California, the suburbs of Los Angeles, and other locations.  The system above was designed and installed by HelioPower, and is currently operating in Southern California.

How Can HelioPower Help Help You?

We carefully evaluate each load profile to design a system that is perfect for each application. No cookie cutter solar company can deliver this personalized attention and depth of expertise. HelioPower allows you to be your own utility with affordable and reliable power. Whether you need to run your home, warehouse, or mission-critical industrial process, a dependable battery-based off-grid PV system offers freedom from the need to connect to the utility grid. Interested in getting a back up battery system for your off grid solar system, as well? Learn more here.