HelioPower Residential Solar Financing

What is Residential Solar Financing?

Solar financing products dramatically lower the upfront cost of going solar. HelioPower offers residential solar financing for consumers looking to spread the cost of their solar panel purchase over time. Financing solar allows home owners to enjoy positive cash flow from the moment their solar system is turned on.

residential solar financing for homeowners

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HelioPower offers the following solar financing products

HERO Solar Program

HERO allows homeowners to finance solar and energy efficiency improvements through property tax assessments similar to Mello-Roos. This government endorsed program requires no credit check. Approvals are based on existing available home equity, being current on property taxes and mortage payments, and a few other factors.


Mosaic loans are crowd funded ‘people supporting people’ solar financing- it is designed specifically for solar and makes it easy capture the benefit of your tax credit. Available rates are as low as 5.99% on approved credit.

Solar Lease

Don't want to make a cash investment? HelioPower offers affordable leases that can get you solar with $0 down! Homeowners can lease their solar system and make a low monthly payment for the length of the contract term – typically 20 years.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Monthly

Homeowners pay each month for electricity generated by the solar system for the length of the contract term – typically 20 years. This differs from a lease as a lease generally has a fixed payment (or rent) for use of the system while a PPA sells electricity to the homeowner at a predictable price per Kwh.

Your Actual Bank

Your own bank may be the best source of financing for your solar panels. Give them a call and let them compete for your business!

Can't Decide What Option is Right for You?

Anyone can afford their own home solar system. Whether you are considering leasing or purchasing solar for your home, contact us today and HelioPower will help you find the right residential solar financing option for you!