SunRun Solar Financing

SunRun Solar Financing from HelioPower

HelioPower can offer California homeowners with a solar lease or a PPA loan through our Sunrun Solar Financing program! Our Sunrun solar financing options makes residential solar energy more affordable. Getting started is simple—by leasing with Sunrun solar financing, you get all the benefits of solar power without the upfront cost of purchasing a home solar system. Now you’ll be able to reduce energy costs with a solar system provided by HelioPower.

Tired of Spending Too Much On Your Energy Bill?

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Take Advantage!

Pay Less Money Upfront: (That’s where SunRun comes in. Get financial returns similar to owning your own solar power system without the steep upfront cost).

Save Money Now; Save More Money Later: (Begin saving on your energy bills immediately and your savings will continue to grow for decades. California homeowners already pay 16.5 cents per kWh for electricity (a rate higher than the national average. Residential electricity rates in California increased about 6.7% per year on average from 1971 to 2001, according to the California Public Utilities Commission).

Take Control of Your Electricity Rate: (SunRun’s Low Upfront PPA allows you to take control of the rate you pay for electricity for 20 years. You buy power, not panels. Therefore, you have a predictable electric bill for years to come. If you sell your home, you can transfer the PPA to the new buyer (oac).

SunRun Total Solar: (Locks in your energy rate through 2032, but at an even lower rate than Power Plan. This plan is great for cash buyers who want one electric bill, but can’t take advantage of the tax credit. With Total Solar, you prepay for the system’s production over 20 years, and in return receive a big discount on your fixed price per kWh).

We can help you GO SOLAR with HelioPower Solar and SunRun for as little as $0 down (OAC). The USA energy generated from the solar power system will save you money for years to come and be clean, green “sun power!”