Ygrene Solar Financing

Ygrene solar financing from HelioPower

Ygrene Solar Financing

Ygrene solar financing is a national leader in residential and commercial energy financing. They have created the most extensive PACE program to deliver the industry's highest level of transparency and safeguards for customers. HelioPower works with Ygrene to do all of the PACE heavy lifting, delivering a cleaner and resilient future to communities everywhere.

Interested in PACE from Ygrene?

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What is PACE Financing?

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an easy and effective way to finance energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades to buildings and homes. Administered at a local level, PACE financing makes it easier for property owners to invest in your future, increase comfort and security and reduce energy.

How does PACE work from Ygrene?

Property owners can get 100% financing based on available equity in their property. The amount financed and any applicable fees is then added to your property taxes and paid over time.

Benefits from PACE

PACE financing benefits building owners, managers, private lenders, and local governments:

  • Makes energy efficiency, clean energy, and solar affordable by spreading out the costs (just like the utility company does when they build power plants).
ygrene solar financing from HelioPower
  • Eliminates up-front out of pocket costs.
  • Provides positive cash flows from day one (pay less for energy than you are today).
  • Costs less in the long run (lower cost of capital) because the bonds are secured by real property.
  • Allows for easy transfer of solar / energy assets to future building owners.
  • Doesn't burden city budgets.
  • No FICA score required.

HelioPower is proud to partner with Ygrene. With out goals, we can deliver a cleaner and more reilient future to communities everywhere. If you're interested in solar financing from Ygrene please contact us today!