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If you are shopping for solar but aren’t sure where to begin the process, take a look at these helpful articles. Other than our solar blog, This solar resources page contains useful information for those interested in adding solar energy to their home. These resources will give you a leg up in the buying process. However if you need to speak to someone in more detail a Helio Energy Solutions Solar Energy Consultant is available at 877.652.7888 to personally answer additional questions or schedule a “no obligation” consultation.

The simplistic approach to energy cost reduction focuses on basic energy efficiency and limited demand reduction techniques and projects.

We've installed solar power systems all across Southern California.

Helio Energy Solutions’s portfolio of distributed generation assets produces energy at average of 103%-105% of expected production.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Here are some suggestions for improving your energy efficiency and reducing your energy bills.

Don't Pay for Solar!

Many people are under the impression that solar is expensive. You may be one of them. What if I told you that you can greatly reduce or eliminate your electric bill with a home solar system AND have the utility pay for it? In other words, what if you could get solar essentially for free? I did it for my family and I’m here to share my strategy with you.

The Ugly Side of Solar

This hard hitting set of four articles reveals four ugly sides of the solar industry and shows you how to avoid being a victim of 'The Ugly Side Of Solar'.

Secrets the Solar Industry doesn't want you to know

You could easily be wasting $10K, $15K, $20K (or more) if you purchase solar before reading these secrets! Save you hard earned cash and learn how to avoid the traps with our series 'Secrets The Solar Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know'.

10 Things you need to know about Smart Meters

Millions of smart meters are being installed on homes across California. While most homeowners are familiar with the installation of smart meters on their homes, many are seeking more information about the smart meters’ impact on their electric bills and their ability to lower or control their electricity costs with solar in this new “smart grid” enabled world.

Tax Credits and Residential Solar

So, you’re thinking about installing a solar system on your home.  Depending upon where you reside, you may be eligible for state rebates, state tax credits, utility rebates, SRECS (solar renewable energy credits), and even local city cash grants, low interest loans, zero cost permits, and property tax assessment waivers. HOAs and Residential Solar Power. The options are dizzying in their breadth.

What do you do with an Orphaned Solar System?

An orphaned solar power system is one abandoned by the original installation firm. When problems come up with these orphaned systems, the owners don’t know what the process is for getting them fixed. Read here to find out what to do if your solar system gets “orphaned” because your installer went out of business or if you want to avoid that situation entirely.