Solar Industry Insider Secrets

Solar Industry Insider Secrets from Helio Energy Solutions

The rapidly decreasing cost of solar is a sign that the world may be on the verge of dramatic change in how we power our buildings and vehicles. But sometimes, commercial and residential solar project installations can pose unique challenges. You could easily be wasting $10k, $15k, $20k (or more) if you purchased solar before reading these secrets. Save your hard-earned cash and learn how to avoid common traps in the solar industry. Here are a few solar industry insider secrets about reducing risks and saving money on your next solar panel installation project.

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Top 10 Solar Industry Secrets

Your solar provider doesn’t want you to know that most solar panels are essentially the same.

Solar companies would like to believe that micro inverters and DC optimizers are for everyone.

Most solar companies would like you to ignore the fact that even in solar, cash is still king.

Solar companies don’t want you to know that a solar lease or a PPA have an implied interest rate.

Many Solar Providers don’t want you know that your system has a maximum number of kilowatt hours.

Solar companies don’t want you to know that you may not be a good candidate for solar.

Secret 7

Solar companies don’t want you to know that solar has become a commodity because they can’t deliver on the real skill—The home improvement!

Secret 8

They don’t want you to know that your solar panels are not the main cost.

Secret 9

Some solar companies don’t want you to know that system aesthetics matter…

Secret 10

No one wants to tell you that the cost of solar will go up!

Solar industry insider secrets from Helio Energy Solutions

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