The Ugly Side of Solar

Are You Afraid of the Ugly Side Of Solar?

Many homeowners are considering putting solar panels on their home since the cost of solar has decreased and solar technology has become more efficient. However, they can't expect to know what qualifies as a good vs. a bad solar installation. Well our very popular series covers the Ugly Side of Solar from four angles! Read each section carefully to protect yourself from ending up with “Ugly” solar!

Let us help you avoid the ugly side of solar

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Do you know if your solar system is working?

Congratulations on making a great choice and taking control of how you get electricity! Now comes the important part... Do you know if your solar system is working? A broken solar system is a new and definitely not improved way to waste energy. The good news: learning how to tell if your solar panels are working is easy.

Here's what you need to avoid...

ugly side of solar for your home

Were you wondering what the homeowners were thinking when you drove by their solar installation? It’s your home. Aesthetics are important. Keep your home looking sharp by keeping it off the ugly side of solar.

poor installation from the ugly side of solar

Cheap tie wraps and exposed green ground wire are a bad sign! Roof leaks, fire hazards, and cheap solar components. Improperly installed systems can often look great up on the roof. They may even encourage neighbors to not only go solar, but to use the very same company that performed the first shoddy install. The ugly side of badly installed solar systems. Don’t let this happen to you!

excessive shade for the ugly side of solar

While most folks agree that shaded solar panels produce less power than non-shaded ones, many consumers grossly underestimate just how big an impact shading has on the annual production of a solar system. Shade and solar do not mix. This ugly side of solar practice will rob you of precious kilowatt hours and can add years onto your payback time.

shady sales guy from the ugly side of solar

Shady sales practices aren’t confined to the solar industry, but pervade the home improvement industry. Do your homework and you won’t be a victim. Understanding unsavory sales practices can save you tens of thousands of dollars and prevent you from getting ripped off.

Ugly Solar Installation Gallery

*Please note, these photos are systems we've fixed and not installed by HelioPower.