Solar Panels for Your Home

San Diego Solar Panels for homeowners

San Diego solar panels are a very attractive investment for homeowners because of the abundant sunshine and high electricity rates. Helio Energy Solutions has the best panels at the best price due to our products being designed to provide sustainable solutions to reduce your energy bill.

Join The Solar Movement

Residents of San Diego are enjoying the lowest solar energy prices in history. Get control over your energy and save on your monthly bill.

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san diego solar panels from Helio Energy Solutions

Solar Panels that Raise the bar, not the Price

Helio Energy Solutions is committed to helping you make the the choice that's right for you! If you want to save money, going solar is usually an easy decision. But if you're new to solar energy, then it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

We've helped over thousands of residential and commercial clients harness clean energy from the sun because we take pride in our installations. As a result, we are often called in to fix problems with systems we didn't install (see our series here on the Ugly Side of Solar for pictures of some of the systems we've been asked to fix).

We provide solar systems that our competitors admire and our solar panel systems are built to rigorous safety standards.

End-to-end solar service capapbilities

Our service team stands by their work. You'll have one team and one number to call if you have any questions before, during, or after your solar power installation. Get a free quote on system checkups and performance optimization.

Are You Ready for Solar?

The decision to install a solar power system on your property requires careful consideration. Regardless of what custom system you need, our products are designed to provide a sustainable way for you to reduce your energy bill.

Going solar is always better than paying more each year to the utility.