Sense Energy Monitoring

Do you know how much power you are consuming?

Sense Energy Monitoring

Saving money on utility bills starts with energy efficiency. But, energy efficiency and home automation (for that matter) both begin with information. Sense Energy Monitoring provides you real-time insight for your energy use and home/business activity through an intuitive smartphone app. Additionally, Sense helps you to measure your solar production and power consumption, by showing you which appliances use the most energy and how much they actually cost.

sense energy monitoring from HelioPower
with sense energy monitoring you can attach them to your solar panels to track usage

How does Sense work?

Sense energy monitoring samples power 1 million times per second using two sensors clamped around the service mains, and two on the solar feed in the electrical panel. The data is then sent to the cloud via Wi-Fi and utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Sense identifies the unique power signature of different devices in your home.

How does Sense do this?

With Sense, you can track your energy usage in real-time, identify the appliance using the most energy and even set notifications to track the use of specific devices. But, how does Sense do this? Well, it all starts with the small orange box.

The computer inside the Sense monitor is the brains of the operation. It reads signals from your electrical panel, analyzes subtle changes, and sends energy data to your smartphone so that the information about your energy usage is in your pocket.

Smart home energy monitoring

Start tracking your energy use in real-time. Please contact us today if you would like to purchase a Sense monitoring system!

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How can Sense Energy Monitoring help you save money?

The Sense App is where all your power consumption and usage activity get reported from the Sense Monitor. Here are some of the key features:

  • Get visibility into how much energy your appliances use.
  • Identify energy hogs and swap out inefficient devices.
  • Spot small problems with devices before they become big problems.
  • Get a handle on your high vampire load.
  • Be alert with real-time notifications.
Sense energy monitoring helps you track your energy use
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Analyze your energy use

Sense's level of data granularity, coupled with its quick install process is unmatched in the industry. Its high resolution metering and machine learning algorithms, provide an abundance of information about your home's energy use. Because Sense provides real-time, device-level insights, it fosters customer trust and engagement.

At HelioPower, we provide the highest quality of integrated energy solutions for your home and business. Above all,  Sense sheds light on your electricity bill and lower your costs. If you feel that Sense is a fit to your whole house energy solution plan, please contact us or get your energy device from our solar shop today!