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Improve your system performance and electricity production with our professional maintenance and cleaning service.  Our service includes a panel cleaning and visual inspection.

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Improve your system performance and electricity production with home solar panel cleanings and our professional maintenance service.  Our service includes a home solar panel cleaning and visual inspection of the array.

Dirty panels will cause your system to produce less electricity.  Further, if you have sections of your panels covered with leaves, bird droppings, or other debris, not only is your performance severely compromised, but you could be hurting the health of your panels by creating hotspots which can potentially violate your warranty.

We recommend that your panels get professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year or more if the array is located near dirt lots with traffic, construction zones, or under airport approach or take-off routes.

HelioPower’s asset management team has the training, expertise, and experience to inspect and assess your system, clean it properly with manufacturer approved cleaning solutions and eliminate possible warranty violations.

Pricing is for a single story building with good roof access and an accessible hose bib.  Roof must have adequate walkways or a robust roofing surface.  Additional charges may apply for certain membrane roofs or tile roofing products.  Prices are based on work being performed within 30 miles of Murrieta, Thousand Palms, or Concord, California or an additional travel fee will be charged.

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