HelioPower Home Solar Production Guarantee

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HelioPower Home Solar Production Guarantee offers peace of mind and reduced uncertainty for solar system owners. HelioPower provides service for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership with the reduced liability of a well-maintained system. Please note, the PredictEnergy® Analytics license or hardware (if applicable) fee is not included in current price.

For systems greater than 10kW please click here or call 1.877.959.8816 or email [email protected] for pricing.


HelioPower Home Solar Production Guarantee

Your choice will depend on the level of protection and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) you require. All service levels offer post-construction system inspections, annual preventative and manufacturer required maintenance, and remote system monitoring by our technicians. No matter which plan you choose, you are assured that HelioPower engineers and technicians are ready to jump into action if solar services or corrective maintenance is needed.

HelioPower Home Solar Production Guarantee

  • 20 year Home Solar Production Guarantee
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Annual preventative maintenance
    • Annual cleaning for the first 3 years
    • 2 system performance checkups
  • Emergency maintenance
    • 1 free service call (up to 2 hours)
    • 25% discount off standard service rates
    • Maximum one business-day response to service requests
  • System monitored by PredictEnergy® Analytics or equivalent
    • Monthly and annual reporting
    • HelioPower responds if the alert requires an on-site visit
  • Everything in the basic HelioPower Solar Plan including:
    • Dedicated number to call
    • Solar service technicians on-call
    • System monitored by PredictEnergy® Analytics or equivalent
    • Annual Reporting
    • Alerts if the system goes off-line or under-performs
    • Cleaning schedule provided by HelioPower
  • Post Construction System Inspection and Report
    • After construction is complete (or when you purchase the plan) and the utility has granted Permission To Operate (PTO), HelioPower will send our Asset Management team to inspect the system and generate a 21 point system inspection report of findings. The report will include annotated quality assurance photos of all major systems and components and as-built production estimate based on actual site and installation conditions. The report will list any characteristics of the installation that require improvements or adjustments to the installation.
  • Hassle-free solar performance guarantee
    • Solar Performance Guarantee – HelioPower will guarantee 90% of the rated production of your system
    • In business as in electricity production, time is money. At HelioPower, we start the clock as soon as we are notified of any system anomaly by you or our PredictEnergy® Analytics monitoring system. If for any reason, we don’t respond to the service in 2 days or less, we will pay you $100 in cash. That’s in addition to any payout from the optional Solar Production Guarantee.

Additional benefit of the HelioPower Home Solar Production Guarantee: Many system owner-operators are unaware that following and documenting manufacturer’s maintenance instructions is required to keep equipment warranties intact. By deploying HelioPower to perform all required inverter and tracker maintenance, you will also be protecting the most expensive and critical components of your system. Please note, the PredictEnergy® Analytics license or hardware (if applicable) fee is not included in current price.

For more information on the difference between a solar warranty and a solar production guarantee, please click here.

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