Home Solar Protection Plan


Get peace of mind (and cheap insurance) with Helio Energy Solutions’s Solar Monitoring Service for $14.95/month!  We’ll call you to set everything up.

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Helio Energy Solutions Home Solar Protection Plan

An un-monitored solar energy system will produce less energy than a system that is remotely monitored. That may seem like a baseless statement, but in our 15 years of experience integrating, servicing and supporting solar systems, that’s exactly what we find. That’s why we always recommend some kind of home solar protection plan to our solar O&M clients. 

If your solar power system goes offline due to a power surge or tripped circuit breaker, how would you know? There is no buzzer or bell on your inverter to alert you. If you only discover the failure when your next electric bill arrives, you may already have incurred hundreds of dollars in energy costs that you could have produced for free! 

Get peace of mind (and cheap insurance) with Helio Energy Solutions’s Home Solar Protection Plan. For less than $0.50 per day or $14.95/month, the experts in our Network Operations Center will track your system’s output and alert you if the system is offline. If necessary, Heliopower can send a repair technician to troubleshoot and fix the problem, often the next business day.

How the Helio Energy Solutions Solar Protection Plan works

Our Solar Protection Plan provides superior service and extensive customer benefits, including:

  • Monitoring to ensure your system is online (you must have existing monitoring hardware.  If you don’t have existing monitoring, we can install for you.
  • 25% discount on labor.
  • 10% discount on all parts not under warranty.
  • No overtime rates.
  • Discounted expected production analysis and forecasting.
  • Discounted preventative maintenance inspection and cleaning at your 6-month anniversary.
  • Top-notch, quality service to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Improved operating efficiency to avoid downtime and lost revenue.
  • Priority scheduling – 48-hour response time.
  • Monthly report showing production.

Helio Energy Solutions’s Solar Monitoring Services:

There’s a lot to like about Solar Monitoring Services: affordable monthly rates, 24/7 monitored alarm service, reliable customer support and more. Solar systems are actually small power stations and, in generating power, they save you money. If they’re not generating power, they’re not saving you any money. When the sun goes down, you cannot get that day back.  If your system is down, that day’s savings are gone forever.

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