SunPower 327 watt Solar Panels

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The SunPower solar panel is a good choice if you need to maximize your energy production in limited space. This model is a 327-watt panel that’s never been installed and stored in the warehouse. It is engineered to generate more electricity per square foot than a standard panel.  This order must be shipped by Freight. We will call you with a freight quote for approval before charging & shipping your order.



SunPower 327 watt Solar Panels from HelioPower

The SunPower 327 watt solar panels are the highest efficiency PV modules available today. The E20 327 provides conversion efficiencies at 20.4% and designed for rooftops delivering high energy production for any home or business. The SunPower 327 watt solar panels includes a factory integrated SunPower microinverter, providing a revolutionary combination of high efficiency, high reliability, and module-level DC to AC power conversion. Compared to other technologies, SunPower converts the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity. This means that over the lifetime of your system, you’ll generate more electricity and save more money on your electricity bills.


  • 96 monocrystalline maxeon
  • High-transmission tempered glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Class 1 black anodized (highest AAMA rating)


  • Like ‘new’ condition
  • Never installed

Key Features:

  • Design-driven advantages
  • Maximize value for roof
  • Expand deployment options
  • Simplify and speed installation
  • Component of complete system

Spec sheet

*All of our solar surplus equipment is sold “As-is” with no warranty other than one that may be provided by the manufacturer. HelioPower makes no claim that the item you buy will fit for your purpose or will pass applicable building codes in your area. The items likely have superficial dings or scratches and may or may not have original packaging. Please call with any questions about specific items before you buy. We will be happy to send you additional pictures and recommend you visit our warehouse to inspect the item before purchase. All sales are final. Shipping and shipping insurance are at additional cost.