Solar Asset Management

Solar Asset Management

Solar Asset Management consists of the administrative and financial tasks required to ensure a Solar Electric Facility's (SEF) generation delivers the return on investment (ROI) anticipated by homeowners and businesses.

Solar Asset Management is generally conducted in the office rather than in the field. These activities include billing and collections, distributions to investors, incentive compliance, accounting and financial reporting, ITC compliance, technical field dispatch and interface with local authorities.

HelioPower provides other services to the industry such as: solar service, solar (O&M) - operations and maintenance, solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, and battery backup and off-grid O&M services.

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Distributed Energy Asset Management from HelioPower

HelioPower provides a complete suite of distributed energy asset management servicessolar operations and maintenance (solar O&M) services and reactive solar services to end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers.

Asset Management Services We Offer

HelioPower’s Asset Management is a full life-cycle service that includes:

Solar Asset Management For Partners
  • Solar O&M (monitoring, maintenance and dispatch) plus…
  • Electricity billing and collections (PPA’s)
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Income Tax Credit / US Treasury compliance
  • State Incentive and Net Energy Metering compliance (PMRS)
  • State and Federal tax payments
  • Financial statements and reconciliation

Reliable and Local Support

Our direct solar O&M services span all of California. HelioPower has 4 separate offices in California, enabling our trucks to deploy quickly anywhere in the state. We have partnerships to deliver solar maintenance services in many states where we do not have HelioPower crews.

If you own a solar asset, solar service and solar maintenance is critical. Every day the system is down or under-producing, is a day of lost revenue, and that revenue is irretrievable.

solar asset management and solar maintenance system installs map from HelioPower

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HelioPower provides discrete Solar Site Services, Solar O&M Plans for single system owners, and Solar Asset Management Programs for sophisticated investors and Owner/Operators. Contact us today to discuss our various proprietary programs to reduce performance risk and maximize the rate of return of your solar assets.