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Distributed Solar Asset Management

Solar Asset Management (AM) is the comprehensive scope of work necessary to ensure that a solar project performs contractually, technically, and financially to provide your expected return on investment (ROI).

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What's the difference between AM and O&M?

Many solar system owners are confused about the differences between Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management. However, there are some clear distinctions. Solar O&M is the list of site specific and technical activities which enable system owners to produce energy in compliance with applicable rules and codes. Historically, the solar industry sold and installed solar systems with a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ attitude without much thought into ongoing maintenance. O&M was often relegated to simple module cleaning and occasional visual inspections. Today, we know that is clearly insufficient and can lead to warranty violations, lost production and electrical safety hazards.

What is the Solar AM process?

Solar AM differs from traditional financial asset management in that you’re managing physical assets that have technical components. Activities such as:

  • Billing and collections
  • Distributions to investors
  • Incentive compliance
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • ITC compliance
  • Technical field dispatch
  • Interface with local authorities

are conducted and a quarterly analysis is performed on an operating solar project in your portfolio. Optimizing revenue from a solar asset goes beyond optimizing production. Successful owners recognize solar asset management as critical to the future success of their solar arrays.

O&M and Asset Management from HelioPower

Solar Asset Management For Partners

Having a distinct solar asset management team with technical expertise can provide oversight over your solar operations and maintenance (O&M) and can help to maximize production. HelioPower provides a complete suite of distributed energy asset management services, solar operations and maintenance (solar O&M) services to end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers. Our full life-cycle service includes:

  • Asset Management for Partners
  • Solar O&M (monitoring, maintenance and dispatch) plus…
  • Electricity billing and collections (PPA’s)
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Income Tax Credit / US Treasury compliance
  • State Incentive and Net Energy Metering compliance (PMRS)
  • State and Federal tax payments
  • Financial statements and reconciliation

Case study: Cost Effective O&M for Commercial Solar Systems

O&M is one area that presents some opportunities. Many of the cost-effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue—such as performance optimization, system up time and operational efficiency—relate directly to inverter and monitoring system selection. Read More

Reliable and Local Support

Our direct solar O&M services span all the Western U.S. We have partnerships to deliver solar maintenance services in many states where we do not have HelioPower crews. HelioPower’s well-functioning asset management team will enhance your reputation within the solar industry as a professional partner open future project possibilities designed to enhance your bottom line.

solar asset management and solar maintenance system installs map from HelioPower

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Every day the system is down or under-producing, you lose revenue. So, if you own a solar asset, solar asset management and solar maintenance is critical. Contact us today to discuss our various proprietary programs to reduce performance risk and maximize the rate of return of your solar assets.