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Solar Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

We provide a complete suite of distributed energy asset management services, solar operations and maintenance (solar O&M) services to both end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers.

Helio Energy Solutions has dedicated solar asset management teams with technical expertise to provide complete Asset Management (AM) and solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support for maximizing electricity production. We provide a complete suite of distributed energy asset management services, solar operations and maintenance (solar O&M) services to both end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers. For instance, our full life-cycle service includes:

  • Asset Management for Partners
  • Solar O&M (monitoring, maintenance and dispatch) plus…
  • Electricity billing and collections (PPA’s and Leases)
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Income Tax Credit / US Treasury compliance
  • State Incentive and Net Energy Metering compliance (PMRS)
  • State and Federal tax payments
  • Financial statements and reconciliation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Integrated Energy Monitoring from PredictEnergy® Analytics

Integrating Multiple Energy Monitoring Systems with PredictEnergy®

Solar owner-operators are often confounded when managing and operating distributed solar assets. It can be particularly difficult to monitor performance and manage the various technical components when the portfolio consists of multiple monitoring system providers. For instance, monitoring systems vary extensively in capability and functionality. That is why successful owner-operators use our PredictEnergy® analytics to grow and develop standardized processes and systems. PredictEnergy® consolidates all the disparate monitoring platforms and by integrating real-time data into one single platform you can focus on working on your business, not in your business. Learn More

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What's the difference between Asset Management and O&M?

Many solar system owners are confused about the differences between Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management (AM). However, there are some clear distinctions. Solar O&M is the list of site specific and technical activities which enable system owners to produce energy in compliance with applicable rules and codes. Historically, the solar industry sold and installed solar systems with a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ attitude without much thought into ongoing maintenance. As a result, O&M was often relegated to simple module cleaning and occasional visual inspections. Today, we know that is clearly insufficient and can lead to warranty violations, lost production and electrical safety hazards.  Asset Management is the set of functions that includes billing and reporting, monitoring and service crew dispatch, tax filing, dispute resolution, among others.

Helio Energy Solutions offers both asset management and operations and maintenance providing you with a one-stop-shop for your solar portfolio management.

What is the Solar Asset Management process?

Solar AM differs from traditional financial asset management in that you’re managing physical assets that have technical components. However, you're effectively managing a power station.  Solar AM includes activities such as:

  • Performance Monitoring- Reporting of your system's energy production.
  • Demand Side Monitoring- Real-time data of your energy consumption pattern.
  • Billing and Collections- Includes goods and services billing, processing collection activities, and financial aging.
  • Distributions to investors- Release of funds upon the investor's request.
  • UCC Filings- Submittals and re-submittals of any liens.
  • Operations and Maintenance- Physically maintaining ("Boots on the ground") work to ensure the system is performing properly.

Most of these activities are offered à la carte, but the most important activities are setting performance baselines (typically called expected generation) and measuring actual performance against expected, and taking timely corrective action when and where necessary.  Helio Energy Solutions then reconciles monthly or quarterly depending on the requirements for your portfolio. However, optimizing revenue from a solar asset goes beyond optimizing production. Successful owners recognize solar asset management includes managing offtaker incidents and transitions, billing and collections and meeting jurisdictional requirements.

Case study: Cost Effective O&M for Commercial Solar Systems

O&M is one area that presents some opportunities. In short, many of the cost-effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue—such as performance optimization, system up time and operational efficiency—relate directly to inverter and monitoring system selection. Read More

Reliable and Local Support

Our direct solar O&M services span all the Western U.S. We have partnerships to deliver solar maintenance services in many states where we do not have Helio Energy Solutions crews. Therefore, Helio Energy Solutions’s well-functioning asset management team will enhance your reputation within the solar industry as a professional partner open future project possibilities designed to enhance your bottom line.

solar asset management and solar maintenance system installs map from Helio Energy Solutions

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The earth never reverses course around the sun, so every day the system is down or under-producing, you lose revenue that you cannot recover. If you own a solar asset, solar asset management and solar maintenance is critical. Above all, we have the experience to deliver a scope that meets company obligations as well as technical detail and operational granularity. Contact us today to discuss our various proprietary programs to reduce performance risk and maximize the rate of return of your solar assets.