Energy Agreement Analysis

Are you losing money on your Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

Solar Energy Agreement Analysis Overview

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) have been a popular way to finance solar projects many years, and Helio Energy Solutions has often been retained to evaluate solar PPA costs.  We often find solar PPA off-takers (PPA customers) who are not saving the amount originally represented by the PPA provider. Maybe you’ve been meaning to “look into it” someday, or maybe your electricity costs just seem too high. If you suspect you’re overpaying for electricity and that there's no way out of the long-term contract, Helio Energy Solutions can help with a solar energy agreement analysis.

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Are you losing money on your Solar PPA? Helio Energy Solutions can review your PPA, determine what you should be saving, and forecast your savings under different scenarios.

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Helio Energy Solutions offers solar energy agreement analysis services and a PPA review

PPA Review & Analysis from Helio Energy Solutions

Helio Energy Solutions can review your PPA, determine what you should be saving, and forecast your savings under different scenarios. We can also pinpoint potential legal aspects of the PPA that may be the source of a problem and suggest possible solutions.
With Helio Energy Solutions’s PPA review and analysis, you will receive:

  • Energy and Financial modeling
  • Summary report
  • Suggestions for possible action
  • Customized deliverables

Topics we cover in a solar energy agreement analysis:

  • Energy production
  • Financial performance
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Escalator vs. Inflation
  • Utility tariffs
  • Legal aspects (e.g. Representation and Warranties)

Timeline:  Deliverables typically within 1-4 weeks, depending on complexity.

Price:  It’s common to find discrepancies in PPAs that accumulate into exorbitant amounts over the years.  We can provide a PPA review and analysis for less than the typical amount of lost savings in one year of the PPA.  We often suggest solutions that enable our customers to stem additional losses or recoup lost savings from prior years.

solar energy agreement analysis and ppa review services from heliopower

Case Study

A large municipality hired Helio Energy Solutions to investigate if they were paying more for their electricity than they would through their utility. After reviewing their convoluted PPA and analyzing the energy and financial data, Helio Energy Solutions determined that the municipality was not receiving the benefits they were promised by the PPA provider, and suggested a few options that would halt further losses, put them back on track for the expected savings, and potentially recover past losses. Furthermore, overlooked by several legal representatives involved in the PPA, Helio Energy Solutions discovered a discrepancy in the agreement that was also favorable to the municipality. Helio Energy Solutions’s solar energy agreement analysis was the ideal solution for their situation, and we continue to be a crucial advisor to the municipality as the case progresses.

Helio Energy Solutions has been writing and negotiating PPAs, and building solar projects since 2001.  Quite simply, we are experts in the field, making us the ideal choice to perform your solar energy agreement analysis.