Solar Maintenance & Asset Management

Solar Maintenance Services from HelioPower

HelioPower provides solar service, solar maintenance, solar operations and maintenance (O&M), solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, and battery backup and off-grid O&M services. .

Rising electricity costs and economic pressures have put even more importance on effective management of energy assets. The goal is not just reduced O&M costs, but increased energy production as well.  HelioPower’s portfolio of distributed generation assets produces energy at average of 103%-105% of expected production.

Does Your Solar System Need Service?

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Our Solar Maintenance Offerings

Our solar service offerings are set up as follows:

  • Solar Preventative Maintenance - On-site inspections and repairs for revenue performing and other mission critical systems.
  • Service and Repairs – Individually contracted services: solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial systems, diagnostics, repairs, energy analytics, commissioning/re-commissioning, asset acceptance, etc.
  • O&M Plans – HelioPower has a maintenance called HelioPower Shield and offers three solar maintenance plan levels:
    • Solar Protection Plan – preventative and corrective maintenance services.
    • Solar Maintenance Plan – enhanced and discounted preventative and corrective maintenance services for both residential and commercial.
    • Solar Production Guarantee – Wrap-around services with financial guarantee.

    Your choice will depend on the level of protection and operations and maintenance (O&M) you require. All service levels offer post-construction system inspections, annual preventative and manufacturer required maintenance, and remote system monitoring by our technicians.

  • Asset Management – Solar O&M for ongoing technical services, plus financial and administrative support (usually annuity-based with annual opt-in/opt-out) for commercial enterprises.
  • Solar R&R - Most roofers don’t know how to do a solar remove, re-roof and reinstall project, while solar contractors won’t touch another contractor’s installation. That’s where HelioPower comes in.
  • Solar Panel Removal - Homeowners who are replacing their old roof (or another home improvement) may need their solar system removed, and after the work is completed, reinstalled.

If you would like to see a full list of our service offerings, please visit our online shop!

Full Solar and Electrical Service Company

At HelioPower, you'll only have one team and one number to call if you have any questions before, during or after your solar power installation.

'On the spot' services provided

  • GFCI receptacles
  • AFCI breakers
  • Change out switches, dimmers and receptacles
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repair
  • Outdoor receptacle
  • Service entrance clean up
  • Pig tail receptacles
  • New appliance circuits
  • Electrical outlets
  • Run CAT5 for internet

Additional onsite services offered

  • Service panel upgrade
  • Basic home automation
  • Whole House Fan and Solar Attic Fan
  • Pool Pump
  • Battery backup
  • Solar Upgrade
  • Generator
  • Wired Smoke Detectors
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Whole House Surge Protection

Project Highlight

Chevron Energy Solutions Solar Maintenance

HelioPower is the preferred Operations & Maintenance service provider for Chevron Energy Solutions‘ solar systems under a multi- year service contract. Our crews maintain over 5 Megawatts of solar power projects for Chevron . In total, these projects contain 22,497 photovoltaic modules, producing over 7,600,000 kWh of solar power each year. In addition to being an EPC and asset manager, HelioPower currently owns over 120 solar assets and, as a result of our solar maintenance, the portfolio over-produces its minimum guaranteed generation (MGG). HelioPower provides solar maintenance services and asset management services to module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, third-party owners and owner-operators.

Solar Maintenance and Energy Asset Management

We provide solar maintenance services (solar O&M), and distributed energy asset management services to end-users (owner-operators and third-party owners), as well as EPC companies and developers. HelioPower’s Asset Management is a full life-cycle service that includes:

  • Commissioning or re-commissioning the system
  • Asset Acceptance
  • Performance monitoring
  • As-bid vs as-built reconciliation
  • As-built vs expected production reconciliation
  • Event monitoring and dispatch
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Billing and A/R
  • Financial and tax reporting

Reliable and Local Support

Our O&M services span all of California. HelioPower has 4 offices in Northern and Southern California, enabling our trucks to deploy quickly anywhere in the state. We have partnerships to deliver solar maintenance services in many states where we do not have HelioPower crews.

If you own a solar asset, solar maintenance is critical.  Every day the system is down or under-producing, is a day of lost revenue, and that revenue is irretrievable.

solar asset management and solar maintenance system installs map from HelioPower