Solar Field Acceptance Test

What is a solar field acceptance test?

Solar field acceptance and commissioning testing is a critical, post-construction phase with any solar installation. HelioPower has performed over 6,000 solar field acceptance tests, ensuring the results are in line with your project objectives and requirements. Field acceptance milestones are typically the hand-off from EPC company to the solar O&M provider.

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Phases of Solar Field Acceptance Testing

Solar Field Acceptance Test Plan

The field acceptance test plan is the first step of the process. It identifies all the steps required to accept the project as-built and to establish a contractual, performance baseline for the new owner.

solar field acceptance tests
Asset Acceptance Test

Asset Acceptance

The solar asset acceptance phase compares the 'as-designed' system, to the 'as-built' system. This includes:

  • Confirming that all equipment, conductors, and site conditions match the approved engineering documentation.
  • Performing a detailed system commissioning procedure.

Solar Asset Commissioning

For the commissioning and field acceptance test to be  effective, the contractor should not have an incentive towards a positive outcome. Solar contractors responsible for installing the system are typically biased towards success since the final payment is likely outstanding. That's why it is important to have a third-party contractor to conduct the solar field acceptance test.

For third-party contractors

We perform solar field acceptance tests on all of our installations, while our independent asset acceptance services apply to systems we didn't install. As a third-party contractor, we review the solar field acceptance test plan, conduct the test, and provide all documentation of the 'as-built' conditions, instantaneous power output and efficiency. This gives system owners confidence that their system was installed correctly, and sets the baseline for monitoring minimum guaranteed generation. In many cases, third-party asset acceptance tests are required by financing sources before final payment is released.

Solar Field Acceptance Test from HelioPower

Even if your system has achieved permission to operate (PTO) or your original solar company has gone out of business, HelioPower offers peace of mind by confirming your solar energy system is producing and installed correctly. So, if you think your solar system could use a tune-up, a check-up, or an operations and maintenance plan, please contact us today!