Solar Performance Optimization

Solar performance optimization ensures, protects and extends your solar investment.

HelioPower’s Asset Management services include more than just routine preventive and corrective maintenance. Solar Performance Optimization is a process that begins with trained engineers and technicians assessing a solar system’s as-built configuration and historical energy generation in an effort to uncover performance robbing problems.

These potential problems include design flaws such as high impedance circuits, mechanical and electrical failures such as blown fuses or non-performing modules as well as array shading and soiling. Our solar performance optimization service team diagnoses these problems, makes recommendations and implements solutions that can dramatically improve solar production and investment rate of return.

Soiled Solar Panel

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Many of the photovoltaic systems we assess are chronic under-performers due to simple problems with equally simple fixes such as clearing overgrown vegetation, cleaning solar modules and inverter filters. There are also a significant number of cases where the problem is not as obvious as dirty system components. As solar modules age, their electrical characteristics change and degrade and that can increase module mismatch and reduce generation.

One way to improve the performance of aging, poorly matched module stings is to add DC Optimizers to the array. These optimizers increase energy harvest by locating the Maximum Power Point Tracking unit (MPPT) right at the module rather than at the inverter. These optimizers also have the benefit of allowing for module level monitoring of the entire array.

HelioPower’s Performance Optimization service increases energy production through careful evaluation of current conditions and recommendations for system improvements.

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