Solar Warranty

Solar Warranty for Homeowners

A solar warranty covers the integrity of the panel itself, and protects you against problems such as manufacturing defects, environmental issues, premature wear and tear etc. and offers peace of mind for solar system owners. HelioPower's solar warranty is designed for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership along with the reduced liability of a leased system.

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Solar Warranty vs. Production Guarantee

HelioPower offers a solar warranty for most homeowners and businessowners

If you install a solar PV system for your home or business, you assume that your panels will perform trouble-free for decades. But solar panel problems do occur from time to time and depending on the nature of the issue, your system will not perform at 100% until the component is replaced or fixed. Problems with solar panels are statistically rare, particularly when you choose solar equipment from proven manufacturers. As you’re researching your solar options, you’ll likely encounter a wide variety of warranties and guarantees with different types of coverage and term lengths.

What are the differences?

However, there are differences between solar warranties and production guarantees. Solar warranties will facilitate replacing failed components, which is often at no cost to the owner. If the solar warranty is expired, you can seek solar maintenance from a third-party provider. Unfortunately, replacement parts can take months to procure, allowing for lost production and ROI.

When this occurs, many of our clients rely on a solar production guarantee to limit downside risks in case of under-performing assets. A solar production guarantee offers monetary reimbursement if a solar electric system does not produce a minimum guaranteed generation measured in kilowatt-hours. Solar production guarantees are offered by a few contractors but, more often by asset managers and solar O&M providers. They are typically backed by an insurance policy. Minimum production levels and insurance payouts are established during the contract phase of the project and can be modulated with premium and deductible values.


For Homeowners

  • All the financial benefits (tax credits, rebates, electricity cost saving, etc) of system ownership while limiting the liabilities of repairs, downtime and degraded production.
  • Optional production guarantee.
  • System monitored by experts 24/7 (Top level service).
  • Rapid response time for system repairs.
  • All the benefits of system ownership without the uncertainty.

For EPCs and Commercial Owner/Operators

  • Increased ROI through production assurance and extended solar warranty.
  • Optional improved ‘bankability’ of projects backed by a solid production warranty.
  • Third-party system inspections and quality assessments for every system.
  • As-bid vs as-built reconciliation & As-built vs expected production reconciliation.
  • Rapid and objective assessment of EPC before asset acceptance.
  • Improved offtaker customer satisfaction./span>
  • Reduced uncertainty of workmanship warranties backed by EPC contractors who may not see through the entire warranty period.

HelioPower Solar Production Guarantee

The Solar Production Guarantee offers peace of mind and reduced uncertainty for solar system owners. HelioPower provides service for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership with the reduced liability of a well-maintained system. Please contact us for pricing.

Solar Protection Plan

A solar protection plan is designed to help homeowners manage the cost of unexpected solar repairs. A strong solar operations and maintenance plan provides many benefits for both residences and commercial enterprises. Read More

Why you need HelioPower's Solar Warranty

Solar warranties ensure you have a top quality system and that you don't lose money through degraded production or down-time. Our trained technicians and engineers perform a detailed site inspection and review of all major system components and issue a report outlining any deficiencies and recommend action.