Solar Warranty

Solar Warranty Explained

Our solar warranty and O&M Plans offer peace of mind and reduced uncertainty for solar system owners. While going solar may ‘eliminate your electric bill’, costly system repairs and lost electricity generation due to down-time can turn a good investment into a nightmare of expensive and time-consuming maintenance. The HelioPower Shield solar warranty is specifically designed for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership along with the reduced liability of a leased system.

HelioPower Shield is a solar warranty from HelioPower

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HelioPower Shield Solar Warranty Plans


  • HelioPower Shield Solar Plan: 12 year workmanship warranty, 12 year roof penetration warranty, 1 included system check-up, 1 complimentary panel washing.
  • HelioPower Shield Solar Maintenance Plan: Everything in the HelioPower Shield Solar Plan plus: 1 additional performance check-up, 1 additional panel cleaning, 1 complimentary service call, 15% discount off standard service rates, rapid response to service requests, 20 year extended warranty on inverter.
  • HelioPower Shield Solar Operations and Solar Maintenance Plan plus: 20 year Performance Guarantee, 3 additional years of workmanship warranty (15 years total), 1 additional system check-up, 25% discount on additional service, Complimentary labor to replace inverter.


  • HelioPower Shield Solar Plan: 12 year workmanship warranty, 10 year Power Output Guarantee, rapid response time to service requests, System monitored by PredictEnergy, annual reports, cleaning schedule provided by HelioPower.
  • HelioPower Shield Solar Maintenance Plan: Everything in the HelioPower Shield Solar Plan plus: Post construction System Inspection and Report, 2-day response to any service request, System monitored by PredictEnergy, Annual Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Panel cleaning at discount rates.
  • HelioPower Shield Solar Operations and Maintenance Plan with Performance Guarantee: Everything in HelioPower Shield Operations and Maintenance plan plus: Investment grade Asset Acceptance, 20 year production guarantee, solar panel cleaning as determined necessary.


For Homeowners

  • All the financial benefits (tax credits, rebates, electricity cost saving, etc) of system ownership while limiting the liabilities of repairs, downtime and degraded production.
  • 20 year solar inverter warranty – even if the manufacturers go out of business.
  • Optional production guarantee.
  • System monitored by experts 24/7 (Top level service).
  • Rapid response time for system repairs.
  • All the benefits of system ownership without the uncertainty.

For EPCs and Commercial Owner/Operators

  • Increased ROI through production assurance and extended solar warranty.
  • Optional improved ‘bankability’ of projects backed by a solid production warranty.
  • Third-party system inspections and quality assessments for every system.
  • As-bid vs as-built reconciliation & As-built vs expected production reconciliation.
  • Rapid and objective assessment of EPC before asset acceptance.
  • Improved offtaker customer satisfaction./span>
  • Reduced uncertainty of workmanship warranties backed by EPC contractors who may not see through the entire warranty period.

Why you need HelioPower Shield Warranty

  • Ensure you have received a top quality system by relying on HelioPower Shield’s post-construction inspection and report. Our trained technicians and engineers perform a detailed site inspection and review of all major system components and issue a report outlining any deficiencies and recommended action.
  • Ensure you don’t lose money through degraded production or down-time.
  • Ensure you don’t waste time looking for a service company. Two-day response time guaranteed. Keep lost energy costs to a minimum with our best in class two-day hassle-free service guarantee. If we can’t respond in 2 business days or less to your system outage, we will pay you $100 cash.

Solar Warranty vs. Production Gaurantee

Solar electric system components are very reliable and module and inverter manufacturers typically offer 10 to 20 year equipment warranties. In some cases these items can fail and those failures can take an entire system offline until replacement parts are installed. In other cases, failures occur that don’t take down the whole system, but reduce energy generation significantly.

Contractors who honor their warranties will facilitate replacement of failed components often at no cost to the owner. If the contractors warranty has expired, an independent O&M service provider can facilitate replacements. Unfortunately, in some cases, replacements can take months to procure while lost electricity revenue grows and rates of return shrink. Many of our clients rely on a solar performance guarantee (SPG) to limit downside risk in case of underperforming assets. SPGs offer monetary reimbursement if a solar electric system does not produce a minimum guaranteed generation measured in kilowatt-hours.

SPGs are offered by a few contractors but more often by asset managers and solar O&M providers and are typically backed by an insurance policy. Minimum production levels and insurance payouts are established during the contract phase of the project and can be modulated with premium and deductible values.