Solar Manufacturing in SDG&E Territory

What California Manufacturers Don't Know

Solar Manufacturing for facilities in SDG&E Territory

Factories and manufacturers are among the world's biggest consumers of energy due to their mass scale and high volume of processes centralized in one location. As a result, many facilities have identified solar energy as a perfect way to reduce operating costs. However, generating free clean energy is only half the value of solar. The other half is escaping SDG&E's exorbitant demand charges. Over 1/3 of solar manufacturing electricity bills come from demand charges. As a facility owner, you'll be paying $35/kW in demand charges while other facilities with solar and tariffs pay $11/kW.

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solar manufacturing for SDGE facilities

Solar does not reduce demand (kW)

Here's the trick that manufacturers have figured out: Solar doesn't just reduce demand charges but...

  • When you go solar, you qualify to switch to a simplified rate plan.
  • Enable your facility to monetize the electricity your commercial solar system produces.
  • Your demand charges will be cut in half.
  • Solar makes free electricity on the roof by almost 70%.
  • Encouraging active participation in alternative energy production.

Installation Options


Flat Roofs


Pitched Shingle




Ground Mount

Bumper to Bumper Warranties

Solar comes with a myriad of strong warranties:

  • Solar panels - 25 years
  • Inverter - 10 years
  • Racking System - 10 years

Low Maintenance Systems

With no moving parts and sturdy designs, solar is notoriously low maintenance. It simply needs:

  • Washing the panels every 12 to 18 months.>
  • Replace the inverter each 10 years.
  • Use 24/7 online monitoring to check for issues.

Proven Performance Record

HelioPower has a perfect track record of outperforming estimates. The graph shows the estimated vs. real production from our recent installations.

Estimated Production
Real Production

Commercial Solar Experts

  • Economic Energy Analysis We offer a comprehensive assessment of your energy needs, including a look at solar, energy efficiency, and natural gas options.
  • Custom Design Solar Power Systems Each rooftop presents unique complexities. Our engineers design a system optimized for your roof and your business’ energy profile.
  • Turnkey Installation Our team handles everything for you, including all the paperwork, permitting, installation, and utility requirements.
  • Operations & Maintenance Our services include cleaning, preventative maintenance, repairs, and emergency dispatch of technicians when required.
  • System Monitoring Using remote monitoring, we keep a close watch on your system performance to ensure it’s producing as much clean energy as possible.
  • Online Portal Our customers have online access to view their solar system production, compare against historical usage, and share their clean energy production with the world.