Solar Panel Removal

Solar Panel Removal is critical when you're doing a home improvement project

Is Solar Panel Removal Possible?

Solar panels will last for a very long time, generating plenty of savings on your electric bills. But over time you’ll need roof work done and need the solar panels removed. Most roofers don’t provide solar panel removal services and other solar energy contractors won’t touch another company’s installation.

We offer solar removal services so you can remove and reinstall your solar panels whenever you need re-roofing work done. Here’s how you can replace your roof when you have solar installed.

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What is Removal Process?

Solar removal is a taboo topic in the community that heavily focuses on solar energy production. However, they're just like any household equipment. When homeowners plan to replace their old roof or another home improvement, they'll need their panels removed and reinstalled.

Helio Energy Solutions offers solar panel removal services to all of their customers

What is involved in Panel Removal?

If panels need cleaning or repairs, the removal is simple. They are unmounted and unplugged from the connecting power wires. However, for a full removal, the solar circuit must also be disconnected from the main line. But, if you sell your home, your installer needs to remove the mounting hardware that holds the panels upright.

Our Solar R&R Process

  • The solar panels, racking, and roof attachments are uninstalled to make the roof ready for action.
  • If needed, we store the system components at our secure facility or we will stack neatly on your property.
  • Once the repairs to the roof are completed, our installation team returns to reinstall your system (including any upgrades).
  • After the solar panels are reinstalled, we test and recommission your system to ensure it’s running right.

The solar panel removal process is a walk in the park

Solar Panel Removals and Solar R&R services are available for all our customers and industry partners. Our team removes the panels from your home, store it in our facility, coordinate with your roofer, and reinstall when ready. If required, our engineers obtain a building permit to get you reconnected to the utility. Contact us today to schedule your next solar panel removal.