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It’s simple – HelioPower lowers energy costs by delivering projects on-time and on-budget that meet or exceed performance expectations.

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Why HelioPower

We analyze and simplify complex energy bills and translate them into a custom-tailored solution to save money for developers and offtakers. Let HelioPower assist you in determining an accurate LCOE (levelized cost of energy) using our proprietary energy analytics and utility tariff software so that you can provide your client with an accurate picture of the return on their energy investment. Working out a client’s LCOE is the single most important qualification step in your sales process.

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Commercial Solar Services for Partners

Too many inexperienced solar sales people sell commercial solar using an optimistic ‘blended’ rate calculation that greatly overestimates the return on investment. This leaves them chasing the wrong opportunities at the expense of the right ones, and potentially leaving dissatisfied offtakers at the end of the process. HelioPower’s commercial solar services begin with calculating an accurate LCOE up front for you to deliver to your offtaker.

After we’ve helped you to determine a project’s viability, we can undertake the design/engineering, procurement, warehousing, pre-assembly, and construction phases. HelioPower will manage all of these commercial solar services on your behalf so that you can focus on taking care of your client.

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We Address The Energy Problem

Rising and volatile energy costs represent a major risk to the commercial and industrial business community. Even after implementing energy efficiency solutions, many clients continue to experience rising energy bills that threaten profitability and sustainability goals.

Companies often do not know what to do next – thus, the need for actionable and intelligent information to aid in further energy decision-making. Energy Analytics are the foundation of HelioPower’s commercial solar services and that understanding affords us the opportunity to help you identify the highest ROI projects for your client right up front.

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Are soaring energy costs hurting your profitability? At HelioPower, we can help you transform energy costs into income-generating opportunities.