Solar Financing Options for Partners

Solar Financing Options For Solar Installers, Integrators, Developers and Owner-Operators

HelioPower is pleased to offer numerous solar financing options for installers and other solar project developers.  Our solar financing options come in the form of:

solar financing options for partners

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How We Work

Our solar financing options are structured to be as repeatable as possible.  We start by signing a non-compete/non-solicitation agreement so that your customer is yours. You tell us what price ($/Watt) you want to charge. We take that price, run the numbers, and tell you what discount we can offer your customer over their existing energy bill. Of course, the lower your price per watt to us, the better the terms we can offer your customer. By striking a fair balance, both of us are more likely to make a sale.

We work with solar professionals the way
GMAC works with car dealerships.

Who We Work With

We will work with installers, integrators, project developers, and owner-operators that care about a quality installation. A proven track record is highly desirable.

Installers - We're Looking For Partners

HelioPower actually works with installers in three capacities. If you have an opportunity, we can help you finance it. At the same time, we’re using our own sales channels to generate new projects. When we generate our own projects we often look for installers or integrators to help on the project. Finally, we also do asset management and look for partners to help us with operations and maintenance (O&M) in areas where we have limited coverage,  If you would like to partner with us on these projects, please send us an email telling us about your services.

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