Off Grid Solar

Introduction to Off Grid Solar and Battery Backup

Most off grid solar systems utilize battery backup in some form. Solar battery backup storage systems provide continuous electricity for your home during a blackout due to earthquake, winter storm or other catastrophic utility power failure. For over a decade, Helio Energy Solutions has engineered reliable, safe, and virtually maintenance free battery systems for home owners on and off the grid.

Our off grid solar systems and stand-alone battery backup systems use sealed batteries and instantly transfer critical circuits from grid power to back up power in less than a second, leaving computers, refrigerators and other critical equipment on-line.

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off grid solar system vs solar battery backup


Most solar PV systems do not protect you from a utility black out. When grid-supplied power goes down, the inverter and solar panels cut-off and are automatically disconnected and do not provide electricity to the load - whether home or business or other equipment.

This is called anti-islanding, and it protects utility workers from unknowingly coming into contact with energized circuits during repair work. We understand the frustration of having a valuable asset sitting unused on your roof when it could be providing valuable electricity when you really need it. In order for your solar system to provide power during conditions such as this, a solar battery backup system is needed and your off grid solar system actually consists of an integrated solar array with battery and associated electronics.


Helio Energy Solutions’s grid interactive, battery back-up power supply will keep your solar panels collecting energy from the Sun while charging your battery bank and supporting your critical devices like computers, security systems and refrigerators.

Once power is restored in days or even weeks, the battery system will automatically disconnect and the system will return to a typical grid connected solar PV system.

Environmental Attributes

In the past, battery systems could be problematic and prone to failure. Gone are the days when the only back-up systems were smelly, loud and polluting generators.

Battery energy and power density has improved dramatically and with today’s new battery technology and Helio Energy Solutions’s engineering know-how, reliable/renewable energy storage systems are available to nearly all our clients.

An additional and profitable benefit of an energy storage system is the ability to reduce expensive, peak time-of-use utility charges. While not available in all utilities, storage systems can reduce your electric bill by allowing you to draw power from your batteries during peak rate hours and then recharging when rates are lower or the sun is shining.