Energy Asset Management

Proper Energy Asset Management

Energy Asset Management is often overlooked, but a well-maintained solar asset often performs 10% - 30% better than one without diligent asset management. Installing a solar array is just the beginning. Solar asset management addresses all the post-installation issues and performance requirements you can have with (literally) a power station generating electricity.  Without proper Solar Monitoring and Solar O&M, not only can your solar assets significantly under perform, but the components could be rendered void of all warranties.

HelioPower's team of dedicated site engineers and technicians will actively oversee and manage the performance of your solar asset.

energy asset management for owner operators

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Energy Asset Management Services

HelioPower offers many Energy Asset Management services to many Owner Operators, AE Firms and ESCO's. Our services include:

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The best way to reduce energy costs is to understand how the utility charges you, and to engineer a strategy to manage your usage in ways that provide the greatest reduction in costs. This solution, by the way, is also the solution which makes it easier on your utility company and provides the most benefit to the environment. HelioPower provides various services to over 1,200 solar power systems in California. We maintain everything from small residential system to large commercial power plants.