Prevent Emergency Repairs with Solar Preventative Maintenance

Solar Preventative Maintenance Services

It's cheaper to prevent problems before they occur. The same thing is true when it comes to your solar energy system. It's been said that for every dollar spent on a Solar Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PM Inspection), owners can save up to one hundred dollars in emergency repairs. That does not even include the value of any lost energy when the system is offline awaiting discovery and/or repairs!

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Helio Energy Solutions offers solar preventative maintenance for residential and commercial clients

What is Solar Preventative Maintenance

Solar Preventative Maintenance is the foundation of a complete solar operations and maintenance (O&M) program. Other than remote, electronic system performance monitoring and on-call reactive or emergency maintenance, an annual PM inspection is the most valuable and lowest cost ‘production insurance’ available to solar system owners and operators.

Our scope of work

It’s true that solar electric systems, when compared to fossil fuel generators, are very low maintenance. In fact, most of our O&M clients only see us once per year at their annual PM inspection. That’s how we, and they, like it. Helio Energy Solutions’s primary goal is to prevent the system from breaking in the first place rather than subjecting the owner to endless, expensive service calls and disruption.  We also make sure the system doesn't become unsafe in any way.

  • Module Cleaning- Cleaning modules, using clean fresh water with soft brush abrasion on problematic areas only.
  • Corrective Maintenance- Replacement of any system component that fails.
  • System Re-Commissioning and Optimization- Inspection of all outdoor combiner and junction boxes for water and debris.
  • Monthly and Annual Reporting- Report all O&M on a monthly basis.
  • Remote System Monitoring- Daily remote operation and performance monitoring by experienced technicians.
  • Warranty Administration- Coordinate warranty repairs with vendors, and alert the proper channels to ensure quick repair.

Helio Energy Solutions performs thousands of annual PM inspections for our commercial, residential and utility clients every year. We also own over 300 solar energy systems so we are highly sensitive to lost electricity production and downtime. Each of our systems, and those that we maintain for our clients, is remotely monitored for production and receives a regular PM inspection.

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