Protect your system with a Solar Protection Service Plan

Solar Protection Plans for Homeowners and Businesses

Solar protection plans are asset management (AM) or operations and maintenance (O&M) packages for your solar investment. Asset Management includes monitoring and remote diagnostics. A solar O&M service package consists of onsite service, including inspections, cleaning, re-commissioning, etc.

A strong solar O&M plan provides many benefits to residential customers. You can think of solar O&M as a type of low-cost "homeowner's insurance" for your solar system. Helio Energy Solutions has 3 different solar service plans, and each plan can often be tailored to your specific needs.  Please read on below, or call for more information.

solar protection plans from Helio Energy Solutions

Want to learn more about our O&M Packages?

Helio Energy Solutions's solar protection plan is one of three service plans to consider when you're comparing your options. If you're interested in learning about our O&M plans, please contact us today!

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Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics

Solar owner-operators are often confounded when managing and operating distributed solar assets. It can be particularly difficult to monitor performance and manage the various technical components when the portfolio consists of multiple monitoring system providers. For instance, monitoring systems vary extensively in capability and functionality. That is why successful owner-operators use our PredictEnergy® analytics to grow and develop standardized processes and systems. PredictEnergy® consolidates all the disparate monitoring platforms and by integrating real-time data into one single platform you can focus on working on your business, not in your business. Learn More

Helio Energy Solutions provides solar protection plans to all of their customers

Protection Plan Benefits

When comparing your options, please consider the following:

  • Site visits/inspections- Do you need site visits or can your system be diagnosed through a monitoring system? Helio Energy Solutions is able to diagnose problems with your system either way, but remote diagnosis is more cost effective.
  • Solar Panel cleaning- If you live in an area near the ocean or with a lot of particles and dust floating around, you may find your system losing efficiency.
  • Electrical system checks- Is your system more than 5 years old?  More than 10?  All solar PV electrical systems need to be well maintained.  If your system hasn't been inspected in some time, it probably makes sense to sign up for a plan that includes inspecting your system to make sure it's producing rated power.
  • Solar Inverter- Inverters have a shorter lifespan than panels and need to be monitored closely for degradation. Helio Energy Solutions's service team will pay extra attention to your solar inverters to ensure your panels are producing rated power.

Helio Energy Solutions Solar O&M Plan

Solar warranty and O&M Plans offer peace of mind and reduced uncertainty for solar system owners. Even though going solar may ‘eliminate your electricity bill’, system repairs and lost electricity generation can turn a poorly constructed or poorly maintained solar investment into a disappointment. Therefore, Helio Energy Solutions's maintenance plans are for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership and the peace of mind of a third party-owned system. Please visit our solar shop to check out which maintenance plan is right for you!

Helio Energy Solutions Solar Protection Plan

Our Solar Protection Plan provides superior service and extensive customer benefits. Get peace of mind (and cheap insurance) with Helio Energy Solutions’s Solar Protection Plan for $14.95/month!  We’ll call you to set everything up.

Helio Energy Solutions Production Guarantee

Includes everything in the Operations and Maintenance Plan plus an output production guarantee. Additionally, our production guarantee offers peace of mind and reduced uncertainty for solar system owners. Helio Energy Solutions provides service for solar system owners who want the financial returns of ownership with the reduced liability of a well-maintained system.  Learn more

Solar Protection Plans from Helio Energy Solutions

In short, without a solar O&M plan, you may not have an easy way to diagnose and fix issues with your solar PV system. At Helio Energy Solutions, we ensure you receive the highest quality solar maintenance service. Our trained technicians and engineers perform a detailed site inspection and review of all major system components. So if you think you're experiencing any issues with your existing solar system, please contact Helio Energy Solutions right away.