Remove & Reinstall your Solar Panels for Roof Work

Solar Remove-Reinstall (R&R) Services from Helio Energy Solutions

Installing solar panels on your home is one of the best investments you can make. The solar panels protect your roof  from UV radiation, while harvesting solar energy, and saving money. However, all roofs will need to be replaced at some point, leaving solar energy owners wondering what to do. Most roofers don’t know how to do a solar remove, re-roof and reinstall project, while solar contractors won’t touch another contractor’s installation. Solar Remove-Reinstall projects (Solar R&R) are too small and difficult to generate a response from many service providers. That’s where Helio Energy Solutions comes in.

HellioPower provides solar R&R or solar remove-reinstall to all of our clients

The Solar R&R process is straight forward...

  • Helio Energy Solutions uninstalls the solar panels, racking and roof attachments to make the roof ready for action.
  • If needed, Helio Energy Solutions packages and stores the system components at our secure facility or we will stack neatly on your property.
  • We return to reinstall your system (including any additional upgrades) once the repairs to the roof are completed.
  • After the Reinstallation is complete, we test and recommission your system to ensure it’s running right.

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solar remove-reinstall services provided by heliopower is a great choice

What is a Solar R&R?

‘Solar R&R’ can mean different things throughout the lifetime of your system. For example, it can mean Solar remove, re-roof, and reinstall. System owners may need their solar system removed and then later reinstalled when they replace their old roof. Another common example is a solar remove, remodel and reinstall. When you are making additional home improvements, you might need to have the panels removed, stored offsite and reinstalled after the remodel is done

Solar R&R also stands for...

‘Solar R&R’ can also mean remove and repair. This is when solar panels need to be temporarily removed so the roof can be repaired due to a leak or some other problem. Then again, ‘Solar R&R’ could mean remove and recycle. As solar panels reach the end of their life, the aluminum, copper and glass get recycled. Lastly, Solar R&R means remove and renew. With all the new solar technology coming out lately, pioneering solar customers are asking to remove and renew their systems. A scheduled R&R is the perfect time to upgrade your solar system to module level monitoring, DC optimizers, higher efficiency panels or more peak kW.

Helio Energy Solutions: Cleaning up the solar industry, one roof at a time

Helio Energy Solutions has performed Solar R&Rs for our customers and industry partners for over a decade. Our team will remove the panels from your home, store it at our facility, coordinate with your roofer, and reinstall when ready. So, whether you need a Solar Remove and Reinstall, Solar Remove Re-roof Reinstall, Solar Remove Repair, or even a Solar Remove and Renew, we will take care of everything.