Solar Surplus Equipment

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Solar Surplus Equipment

The new federal solar tariffs are already impacting the price of solar panels with installations getting more expensive and some large installers doing layoffs. When the recently announced steel and aluminum tariffs start affecting the market, the cost of manufacturing, importing and distributing new solar panels will skyrocket. To help fight the rising cost of solar, HelioPower has a section on our website for reselling solar surplus equipment. Please feel free to browse our inventory or call/email for specific requests.

Solar Surplus equipment provided by HelioPower

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Most of our items are new and have never been installed, although they may have been in inventory for some time. All the products are exactly as described on our website and the prices are up to 90% off retail. Check back often for specials and new products as our inventory changes daily. We also buy used and surplus solar equipment so feel free to let us know what you have in stock.

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Solar Surplus Disclaimer

All of our solar surplus equipment is sold “As-is” with no warranty other than one that may be provided by the manufacturer. We make no claim that the item you buy will be fit for your purpose or will pass applicable building codes in your area. The items likely have superficial dings or scratches and may or may not have original packaging. Please call with any questions about specific items before you buy. We will be happy to send you additional pictures and we also offer you the opportunity to visit our warehouse to inspect items before purchase. All sales are final. Shipping and shipping insurance are at additional cost.

Our Solar Shop

Purchasing solar equipment is a great way to start generating your own solar energy, while saving on the huge initial investment normally associated with solar power and other forms of renewable energy. As a leader in solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for over 15 years, HelioPower developed long-term, strategic relationships with component manufacturers, distributers and brokers in the solar industry. We leverage those relationships to get great pricing which allows us to offer ‘new’, ‘like new’, and ‘used’ surplus solar equipment to smaller solar contractors and DIY home owners at very low cost.