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Solar Lease – New Option to Leverage ARRA Funds

Solar Financing Structure Empowers Tax Disregarded Entities to Reap ARRA and Rebate Benefits   By Steve LoRusso Vice President, Commercial Sales, HelioPower   Nonprofits have seemingly been out of the luck when it came to monetizing the 30% federal cash grant for renewable energy installations provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Tax…

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Stimulus funds jump-start CA solar-financing program

Source:  Mercury News.  SANTA CRUZ – What’s likely to become the nation’s largest solar loan program is in line for $16.5 million of stimulus funds, setting the stage for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for small energy projects across California, including Santa Cruz County. The grant, announced Thursday by the California Energy Commission, will…

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Bob’s Big Boy Solar Project Listed in DOE Recovery Act Funding Announcement Today

Source: Department of Energy, 9.22.09, Recovery Act Announcement This morning, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Energy Secretary Steven Chu hosted a group of clean energy developers and manufacturers at the White House to discuss how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) is creating jobs and helping expand the development of clean, renewable domestic…

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Energy Use in Average Home, $$$ to Cut Use will Bring Jobs, Green Prosperity

Reporting from Environmental Leader and Bloomberg, “$500B Plan for U.S. Green Building Retrofits Touted.” The United States can build a low-carbon economy by retrofitting existing homes and businesses for energy efficiency, which would reduce waste and pollution, jumpstart an economic recovery, create good jobs and deliver energy cost savings, while reducing global warming, according to…

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