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Energy Analytics for Seasonal Energy Loads

My last Energy DNA blog post we showed how Energy Analytics could have helped avoid expensive demand charges at a vegetable packing facility.  This post describes how energy analytics can help with seasonal energy loads.  Recall that the colorful Energy DNA chart displays energy intensity by date (vertical axis) and time of day (horizontal axis).…

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Using Energy Analytics to reduce demand charges

In California, reduced hydro and nuclear energy supplies are driving up electricity rates.  Solar and other forms of distributed generation can help, but they cannot reliably reduce demand charges or the key driver: peak demand.  Energy storage technologies are promising but still expensive.  For most California businesses, Energy Analytics offers the most compelling means of reducing peak demand and energy expense. Properly…

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PredictEnergy Software Drives Attractive IRRs

By Mo Rousso Chief Technology Officer, HelioPower Software to monitor and analyze energy use has, historically, been limited to power production and consumption monitoring.  The ability to leverage analytics and to do energy optimization has been lacking. However, PredictEnergySM changes all of that.  It is a tool that many of our clients are finding valuable…

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