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Over time we tend to use more electricity.  Energy prices also go up and so our bills go up. You've already installed solar. What options do you have to bring your bills down? Back when the solar industry was in its infancy, most solar arrays used string inverters. Today, there is a great way to upgrade existing solar using the latest technology if you want to increase your solar generation.

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Solar Inverters

Inverters play an critical role in feeding the electricity produced by a solar system to the grid. Solar panels use direct current (DC) electricity and the inverters convert the DC electricity to an alternating current (AC), which is the type used for your home. Choosing the right inverter for your home can mean a difference up to 20% in your system's production.

So, what if your solar array has a string inverter?

upgrade existing solar string inverters

Why you should upgrade your inverter?

Unfortunately with string inverters, if one of your solar panels goes out, then the rest of the system goes down. This occurs because string inverters treat a group of panels as if it were a single large panel, meaning any problems with one panel are felt across the entire string. The good news is, the solar industry has evolved over the last 10 years and if you would like to generate more power, upgrading your solar system from string inverters to optimizers would be a great idea.

upgrade existing solar string inverters
  • The old inverter is coming to the end of its useful life (10-15 years)
  • Your roof has seasonal shading issues
  • Solar system is pointing more than one direction
  • Inverter has stopped working altogether (and may be out of warranty)
  • Upgrading your existing solar array.
  • You want advanced inverter functions like energy 'time of use'  and back up energy storage

Advantages of upgrading existing solar

Unlike the conventional solar PV inverters that were available some years ago. SolarEdge inverters have a 12 year standard warranty and roof mounted Optimisers have 25 year warranty, giving you not only better generation performance, but a far better manufacturers warranty. Here are some other facts to remember:


DC to AC conversion

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If you own a solar system, but are looking for a way to improve your ROI (return on investment), increase your solar generation by having Helio Energy Solutions optimize your solar system. Please contact us to upgrade your existing solar system!