Utility Bill Analysis

Your electric bill: Savings hiding in the numbers

Understanding and analyzing your electric bill

Do you know the difference between energy charges and demand charges on your electric bill? Do you know if your business is on the least expensive rate schedule? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone… utility bills can be very difficult to understand! Unfortunately, it also means there’s a good chance you’re over-paying the utility company every month! At Helio Energy Solutions, we offer a utility bill analysis to find affordable ways for businesses to significantly reduce their energy bills.

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heliopower offers a utility bill analysis for their customers

The Bill

The excerpt below is from an actual bill from a commercial business.  While this is a relatively simple and typical bill, it still leaves the business-owner confused and unsure, leading to such questions as,

  • “Why are there three different metrics used (kW, kWh, and kVar), and what do they mean?”
  • “How do I know if these are the right charges?
  • “The ‘demand’ charges seem really high… is there a way to reduce these?”
  • “Am I on the optimal rate schedule?”

Answering these questions is time-consuming, yet not answering them can be very costly.

Your Optimal Rate Schedule

Southern California Edison offers at least 25 different rate schedules for business customers, many with underlying ‘option’ rate structures (for example, TOU-GS-1 contains 5 ‘sub’ rate structures from which to choose: CPP, CPP-Lite, Option A, Option B, and Option C).  All accounted, there could be close to 100 rate schedules or more to examine before choosing which is appropriate for your business!  Wow.  To make matters worse, the utility can bump you from one rate to another without even notifying you beforehand, and you may only notice when you look at your next bill.  Of course, the utility can also increase your rates the same way, with the same effect.

the utility bill analysis can help you determine what rate schedule you're on.

Case Study

When Helio Energy Solutions was hired by a California municipality to review their energy usage, we quickly discovered that demand charges comprised a large portion of their total bill (a common issue).  Through deeper analysis and interviews, we traced the cause to equipment that was triggered to operate during periods of the day when utility rates were high.  Helio Energy Solutions then provided a solution in which the equipment could be triggered to align with periods that have low rates, saving the municipality valuable dollars that could be used for community improvement, rather than wasted on expensive electricity.

Utility Bill Analysis from Helio Energy Solutions

Let us take the guesswork and frustration out of your decisions, and save you money by analyzing your electric bills.  We’ll help you understand your usage, the terminology, and the effects of your business decisions on your bill.  We’ll provide you with written analysis, reports, and recommendations on how your business can reduce your energy expenses, often with quick and significant savings.

Utility Bill Analysis Pricing

  • Residential bill analysis is $145 with electronic access to utility data.

  • Commercial bill analysis is $495 (+$95/additional meter).