Solar for Water and Wastewater Facilities

Wastewater Solar Energy Solutions

Water and Wastewater Facilities across California are now going solar. The economics have changed. General Managers are capitalizing on solar projects (financed internally of with a 3rd party) to instantly lower their facilities operational costs.

wastewater solar energy solutions for facilities

Why Solar Works Now

Low costs for solar - Over the last few years, the cost for solar has decreased dramatically.

Utility rates are going up - At the same time, utility rates have continued to go up.

Policy has improved - Virtual net meter aggregation is a game-changer for growers.

Strong ROI - Solar now offers a 4-5 year payback, with millions saved over the systems life.

Interested in Solar for your Facility?

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Typical Water and Wastewater Solar Installations Options

Innovations in solar racking systems now offer safe installation options for each scenario.

agriculture solar flat roofFlat Roofs
Large flat roofs are ideal for solar. New racking systems make them even safer for roofs. Minimal penetration solar kits use weights and interlocking panels to drastically reduce the number of roof attachment posts required.


agriculture solar car portsSolar Carports
Enjoy energy savings plus cooler parking. A sturdy steel carport frame is installed with solar panels mounted on top. Our turnkey systems include the carport, the solar, and all trenching to connect to your building.


agriculture solar ground mountGround Mounted Solar
For the highest energy production and the lowest cost, a ground mounted array is the best choice. Configurations include fixed systems, or systems that automatically move the panels to track the sun.

Key Considerations for Water and Wastewater Facilities Going Solar

Not all Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are identical. It is important to consider the following factors when it comes to switching to solar.

  • Southern Exposure- In the northern hemisphere, the sun comes from the south. This makes southern exposure ideal.
  • Clear Space On The Roof- Roofs at Water and Wastewater Districts can also be ideal for solar installations. Your roof needs to be structurally sound, under 10 years old, and in relatively good condition.
  • Free of Shade. Nearby trees and buildings towering over your building will block the sun.
  • Ample Land Area- Solar systems at Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are typically ground mount systems, sited on underutilized land around the plant (dry emergency ponds, vacant land, etc.) As a general ratio of solar system sizing, a 1 MGD plant should have 1 acre of land area available for a solar system.

Maintenance and Warranties

With best of breed warranties and easy maintenance, the care of a solar system won't add to a water treatment facility's maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance Systems

With no moving parts and sturdy designs, solar is notoriously low maintenance. It simply needs:

  • Washing the panels every 12 to 18 months
  • Replace the inverter each 10 years
  • Use 24/7 online monitoring to check for issues

Bumper to Bumper Warranties

Solar comes with a myriad of strong warranties:

  • Solar Panels – 25 years
  • Inverter – 10 years
  • Racking System – 10 Years
  • Installer's Workmanship – 10 years

We're Here to Help You!

Smart customers seek financially strong installers who can back up a 10 year workmanship warranty. Helio Energy Solutions's clients rest easy: we are conservative, and financially healthy based on the volume of projects we build. Helio Energy Solutions's standards of practice focus on long-term stability, optimal governance and risk minimization.