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Reducing Electricity Costs with Solar

Thousands of homeowners are reducing electricity costs every month with solar energy from HelioPower. Whether your motivations for going solar are economic, environmental, or personal, this sizable list of benefits will have something for everyone.

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reducing electricity costs with solar from HelioPower

Is your home ready for solar?

Many homeowners are putting panels on their home since the cost of solar has decreased and technology has become more efficient. But, before you can start saving the world, you actually have to install those solar panels first. Here are some tips to find out if your home is solar ready and what you might need prior to going solar.

  • Look at the efficiency of your home
  • Consider the age, material, and structure of your roof
  • Azimuth of your house
  • Does your roof have access to sunlight?
  • Check the current electric setup in your home


Refer a Friend!

More than 75% of HelioPower's new customers are referrals from existing customers. We earn their trust by providing patient and reliable guidance every step of the way. With solar energy, you can reduce electricity costs for years to come. That's why for every one of your referrals that installs a HelioPower solar system, we're giving you $1000 and a free system checkup (valued at $299)!

Solar Simplified

HelioPower is here to help you finance, design, install and maintain your solar system with straightforward explanations and a minimum of hassle.  Many installations are performed in a single day and we're standing by in the unlikely event you'll ever need help once you're up and running. Please contact us for a free quote.