HelioPower's Track Record

Our Track Record

HelioPower's qualifications are demonstrated best by our track record of projects. Our team has engineered and constructed almost every configuration of a solar PV systems, across most major types of facilities.

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Commercial & Ground Mount

Commercial Rooftop

Facility Type: Brewery

Client Name: Valley Wide Beverage

System Size: 380 kW

Location: Fresno, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct


Project Description:

Valley Wide Beverage used solar to offset the carbon footprint generated by their beer delivery fleet. With 1905 solar modules from Suntech, the solar power system will produce 600,000 kWh of renewable electricity per year. Going solar gave Valley Wide Beverage the triple bottom line benefit of saving money, saving energy, and a marketing benefit that allows them to meet their customers’ requirements to “green their operation.”

Large Ground Mount

Facility Type: Winery

Client Name: Giumarra Vineyards

System Size: 516 kW

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct


Project Description:

The 516kWdc commercial solar power system for Giumarra Vineyards Corporation is adjacent to Giumarra’s main production and cold storage facility in Bakersfield, CA. Using 2296 modules, the system delivers over 1 gigawatt-hour of electricity annually, enough to power over 200 homes. The solar system is part of a demand side and distributed generation program at Giumarra.

Carport & Industrial

Carport Solar

Facility Type: Multi-story Parking Garage

Client Name: Sony's Headquarters

System Size: 160 kW

Location: San Diego, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct, O&M

Sony Headquarters

Project Description:

HelioPower utilized a customized racking system to incorporate a seamless and integrated installation with a highly aesthetic result and a visually stunning and practical array. The 160 kW carport mounted installation was installed for San Diego Gas & Electric on the Sony employee parking building at Sony’s SoCal campus.

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Industrial Facility

Facility Type: Utility Facility

Client Name: Fallbrook Public Utility

System Size: 73 kW

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct

Fallbrook Public Utility

Project Description:

The system is comprised of 458 BP Solar 3160B modules and 29 SMA SWR2500U inverters to meet FPUD’s reliability requirements. A penetration type mounting system was customized for use with their shed buildings. A touch screen kiosk was installed in their lobby for public education. Winner of the SANDEE Award for Energy Excellence

Food Processing & Schools

Food Processing Plant

Facility Type: Agricultural Milling

Client Name: SunnyLand Mills

System Size: 87 kW

Location: Fresno, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct

SunnyLand Mills

Project Description:

Since the Sunnyland system was commissioned in 2007, it has produced 102% of expected energy. Over 500 Mitsubishi panels installed in 5 days to meet customer deadlines.


Facility Type: Community College

Client Name: Sustainable Community Solar Program

System Size: 700 kW

Location: San Diego, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct, O&M

Sustainable Community Solar Program

Project Description:

HPI is one of the select few energy EPC contractors (approved by SDG&E inspectors) qualified to bid and build for their Sustainable Community Program. These are systems that SDG&E owns and operates. HelioPower has built systems for SDG&E at Ladera Ranch, High Tech High Chula Vista, High Tech High San Marcos, Sharp Rees, Hana Gabriel Wells, San Diego Community College, among others.

Multi-Family Housing & Off Grid

Multi-Family Housing

Facility Type: Affordable Housing Complex

Client Name: Maplewood Homes

System Size: 302 kW

Location: San Bernardino, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct, Owner/Operator

Maplewood Homes

Project Description:

The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) was awarded the largest CA Solar Initiative (CSI) Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Track 2 grant for its Maplewood Homes community. HelioPower worked with HACSB to develop the grant proposal, engineer and construct the solar power system and develop and deliver the educational, training and Internet components of the program.


Facility Type: Utility Scale PV Power Plant

Client Name: First Solar

System Size: 580 MW

Location: Desert Center, CA

Our Role: Engineer, Procure, Construct

First Solar

Project Description:

First Solar has constructed the largest PV power plant in the US near Desert Center, CA. First Solar selected HelioPower to be its partner in designing and constructing highly complex and technically challenging off-grid powered air quality monitoring stations.